The San Francisco Spirit Yacht – Your San Francisco Cruise:

San Francisco is a wonderful and beautiful city by itself, but viewing this city from out at sea is an experience on its own. Take this year’s celebrations aboard the San Francisco Spirit Yacht and allow yourself to be treated to an unforgettable night out on the seas. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween, or July 4th, this yacht will have you covered!

The San Francisco Spirit has enough space to accommodate up to 400 guests onboard. While you’re aboard this yacht, you will enjoy views of San Francisco that you won’t experience anywhere else. Catch a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Marin Headlands, and much more of the Bay Area beauties. While you enjoy the views, the San Francisco Spirit will treat you to an amazing party experience.

The San Francisco Spirit will transform any celebration to an experience on the seas. When you sail on this yacht, there will be fully stocked bars available for you to order up drinks from. This beautiful yacht also has multiple decks for you to enjoy and outside observation decks. Enjoy the beautiful San Francisco weather as you sail on your cruise and celebrate a night out like you never have. Check out all of our events aboard the San Francisco Spirit and book your tickets for an unforgettable celebration!

Upcoming Events

The 7th Annual Moonlight New Year's Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the San Francisco Spirit Yacht

12/31/2019 8:15 PM

There’s no day in the year that’s approached with more anticipation than New Year’s Eve. It’s the finale…the culmination of 364 days that result in one massive celebration with your closest friends in attendance. While your inbox may already have a few invites for the big day, the big event don’t start spamming you until […]